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Lucky 8 Promotions

Hello, fellow event enthusiasts! We’re Lucky 8 Promotions – a new addition to the event promotion industry that’s already rewriting the convention playbook. We’ve more than just your standard event promoters; we’re a thrill-seeking team of seasoned event planners and architects with over 30 years in the industry.

Our story doesn’t begin as promoters, however. Once upon a time, we were exhibitors hustling in the bustling event landscape. We’ve seen and attended all types of events and shows, giving us a unique insight into the industry that most promoters don’t have. We’ve felt the rush of the show floor, the camaraderie of exhibitors, and even the heart-pounding anxiety as the big day approaches.

Since we’ve seen both sides of the convention business, we want to flip the script. Promoters aren’t doing exhibitors a favor; without exhibitors, the show could not go on. They’re the unsung heroes of events!

Like the exhibitors, our clients make all the effort worthwhile. We’ve met so many wonderful people over the years, and it helps keep us as inspired and passionate as ever. We want to ensure you have a truly treasured time at our events, and so, every show there will be jaw-dropping promotions, yummy food, and fantastic refreshments.

We know that with the right mix of promotion and exhibition, we can create a show environment that’s not just exciting and profitable but downright fun!


Above all, we aim to create unforgettable event experiences that captivate and inspire. We want to work with the best exhibitors in venues across the US; and we want our exhibitions to leave audiences awed.


Imagine an event promotion company that respects its exhibitors and wows its audience. That’s our vision, in a nutshell. We strive to create events where the hard work behind every booth is acknowledged and rewarded.


Hard work and dedication are at the core of what we do. We know that you could spend your time doing other things, so we are honored you choose to spend it with us. Respect is our currency, and every client is a valued partner.

Ready to Hang With the Lucky 8 Family?

Feel the thrill as you immerse yourself in our exhilarating shows. Having been in your shoes as past exhibitors, we know what it takes to turn simple events into extraordinary experiences. We work closely with all our exhibitors and staff to ensure everything goes without a hitch. Join us, and let’s make magic!

“I can say personally that Lucky 8 Promotions takes care of their exhibitors.  I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Robin T

“We love working with Lucky 8. These guys definitely know how to put on a fantastic event!”

Hillary M

“Another great show by Lucky 8 Promotions!  Your giveaways are awesome!”

John S

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